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What’s better than a win-win scenario? A win-win-win scenario, which is exactly what my referral program offers. Consider the benefits of this type of professional partnership.

You earn extra $ without a ton of additional work. Your connections are extra impressed with the additional value you bring by being able to refer a professional to meet their needs. And I get to work with more awesome people (you included).

If that sounds like a good deal to you, let’s chat about a referral partnership! 


If we’re a good fit to partner up, you’ll get access to your very own referral tracking dashboard. (Scroll for a sneak preview of it.)

Step 2: Refer Your contacts

Know someone who needs a writer or brand strategist?  Introduce them. Or have them get in touch and name drop you here so you get your credit. 

Step 3: GET PAID

As a thank you, when someone you refer becomes a client and officially kicks off a project with me, you get a 20% cut* of the moolah.

*Payments made via PayPal, Venmo & Cash App



Track your referrals as they move through various statuses. These generally update within 48 hours of any new developments in the sales process. 

Referral Tracking Dashboard For Partners of Nia Gyant Content Writing

These are folks who’ve just gotten in contact with me but who are not confirmed to be a good fit for my services yet. 

When someone you refer seems to be a good match for my services and is very interested in working with me, they’ll get assigned this status.

If, for any reason, a prospect you refer doesn’t convert and become a client of mine, they’ll be assigned this status. 

(If they do become a client at some point in the future and our partnership agreement is still in place at that time, you will get your reward as usual.)

Prospects who are assigned the Contract Signed status are one step away from becoming successful referrals! The only thing left is to officially kick off a project with me, which is what earns you a reward. 

Upon paying my project kickoff deposit, a prospect officially becomes a client. They’ll be assigned the Successful Refrral status in your dashboard and you’ll get paid within 30 days. 

Easy Reference Dashboard


Besides making it easy to keep tabs on people you send my way, your referral tracking dashboard will also provide info designed to help you earn more rewards. 

It will provide an up-to-date snapshot of the projects, industries, and client types I’m most interested in at any given time. With this in mind, you can refer the people who are most likely to work with me, which means more money for you. 

The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions

Without all the legal jargon, here are the terms and conditions of the referral partnership agreement.

You agree to refer to me people who may be a good fit for my services and I, in exchange, agree to give you a monetary reward for each successful referral.

A successful referral is defined as: 

  • Someone who contacts me through the referrals page or who you introduce to me (e.g. via email, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • And who signs my contract and starts a project with me by paying my project kickoff deposit

Referrals will be attributed to you for 90 days meaning that if they become a client within that time, your payment is guaranteed even if another referral partner also referred the same person.

Each successful referral will earn you a reward of 20% for the first project done with that client.

You’ll be paid within 30 days of the client’s first payment. That first payment marks the official start of a project and will earn the client successful referral status, which you can view via the Referral Tracker in your dashboard.

All payments are in USD and made via:

  • PayPal using the email address or link you specify
  • Venmo via the username you specify 
  • Cashapp via the $cashtag you specify

You acknowledge that I am not responsible for payments delays, payments sent to the wrong recipient or any other issues resulting from incorrect PayPal, Venmo or Cash App information provided by you.

To provide or update your email or link, your Venmo username, or your Cashapp $cashtag, contact **@ni******.com.

You and I both have the right to terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason and may do so by contacting the other party by email. The notice of termination is effective as soon as the email is delivered successfully.

You will still be paid for referral rewards marked as pending at the time notice is given by either of us.

  1. Location: At this time, the referral program is only open to US-based professionals. 
  2. Conditions: You understand that this partnership doesn’t guarantee anything. Although, ultimately, the goal is to close as many deals and rack up as many referral rewards for you as possible, results depend on many factors including the final decision of referred leads, the quality of the leads you provide, my availability for new projects, etc.
  3. Exceptions: In the (rare) event that you refer someone who’s been sent my way by another referral partner within the past 90 days or refer someone who I’ve already worked with, this will be considered an Unsuccessful Referral.   
  4. My Guarantee: You can expect 100% honesty regarding the referral rewards owed to you. If you’d like, though, you can request a screenshot (with sensitive info redacted) of the paid invoice for each of your successful referrals. This would show the total invoice amount of which you’d be getting a 20% cut.
  5. Qualification: I ask that, rather than blindly referring people or posting the referral form link on social media, you only refer people who you think may be a good fit for my services. This will save me time and result in more referral rewards for you! 
  6. How Not to Refer: Please do not submit the form on the referrals page on behalf of people you’re referring unless you have their permission to do so. 
  7. W-9 Form: If you’re on track to earn $600 or more in referral rewards with me in a given tax year, you’ll be required to fill out a W-9 form. No rewards beyond $600 will be issued until your W-9 is submitted to me. But don’t worry! You’ll get a reminder to submit your W-9 when you’re approaching that threshold so as not to hold up the payment process. 

I reserve the right to make changes to this agreement as needed and it’s recommended that you check these terms from time to time.

You will be notified via email of any material changes at least 30 days before these take effect, at which point you will have the option to terminate our partnership if you wish.

If you don’t terminate as described in the Termination section, the updated terms and conditions will be considered binding.

Last Updated: March 10, 2022

WHO You Are

Is This Program Right For You?

You may be a good fit for this referral program if you can answer “yes” to the following questions. Do you:

  1. Have an expanding network of connections in the (content or inbound) marketing industry?
  2. Have a good professional reputation and a real desire to help others succeed?
  3. Believe in my approach to content and copywriting and trust that I’ll do my best for the people you refer to me?

If so and you’re US-based, I want to hear from you!


Not yet a partner of mine? Let’s change that! Give me a few details so I can get in touch and see if we’d be a good fit. 

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