LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn—the world’s largest professional network—has 590 million users and counting! That said, I don’t really need to tell you that it’s an excellent tool for:

✔ Finding employment opportunities
✔ Recruiting qualified candidates
✔ Building your online reputation
✔ Networking with other professionals

Why are you using LinkedIn? What are your professional goals?

Whatever your answer, one reality is the same.

How well your profile is optimized will determine whether or not you achieve what you’re aiming for. 

So, how good is your profile? If you’re not sure, contact me and ask for a free profile review. On the other hand, if you know your profile needs some work, get in touch.

What is Profile Optimization?

Profile optimization involves making changes that will:

  • Make your profile more visible in LinkedIn (and other search engine) results
  • Catch the attention of potential connections and result in more clicks on your profile
  • Explain more clearly and impactfully what you do and offer, motivating viewers to contact and connect with you

What kind of changes accomplish those objectives? Among other things:

  • Using keywords and phrases that are common in your industry and commonly searched for by potential connections
  • Improving readability with short paragraphs, short sentences, bullet points, and defined sections
  • Clarifying or simplifying messaging that’s unclear or difficult to understand
  • Adding missing information that could be very powerful and persuasive
  • Framing your profile in a way that focuses on what you have to offer to others
  • Explaining why you do what you and with what benefits (rather than simply listing facts and job duties)

Could your profile benefits from these or other changes? If so, fill out the contact form above. The sooner your profile is optimized, the sooner you can reach your professional goals!

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