Get 2 Weeks of Writing Mentorship

Guest PostING on Steroids

You a freelance writer looking for more experience and hands-on guidance? Pitch a guest post for a shot at 2 weeks of 1-on-1 freelance writing training!



Here’s what you’ll get in exchange for creating a valuable piece of content for the Nia Gyant Content Writing blog


When you guest post for other blogs, you get:
  • A bylined portfolio piece to show your skills and boost your credibility as a writer
  • Backlinks to bring you website traffic, leads, and more domain authority
  • Maybe some feedback from the editor on your post, although this is often limited
  • Exposure to that site's audience...but some sites only do once-and-done promotion 🙁


When you guest post for this blog, you get:
  • A bylined portfolio piece to show your skills and boost your credibility as a writer
  • Up to 2 dofollow backlinks to bring you website traffic, leads, and more domain authority
  • Tips for improving your guest post pitch to help you pitch clients, HARO journalists, and others more effectively
  • Guaranteed feedback on your post with collaborative editing to get it ready to publish
  • Help writing a short author bio that you can use for other guest posts and content
  • Extra feedback and practice if you choose to write the promo email and social posts for your content
  • Ongoing exposure to an audience of 2K and counting via email, social media, and Missinglettr
  • Personalized answers to your questions about the craft of writing and freelancing via email and audio/video recording
  • A certificate with a link to your published post

Hear From Writers Who've Completed Their Mentorships

What Mentees Are Saying

In two weeks, I sharpened my writing for specific audiences. I wrote clearer for the B2B audience. My writing process from start to finish became more efficient, including shortened writing times and tighter articles.

I also learned about tools which I should be using. Some I already knew about, but never saw the value in how they should be used. Some were new. Implementing the use of these has made a huge difference in the time spent per project.
It’s worth the guest post and so much more! Nia, you take the writer to a hands-on learning experience (and that’s just half of it). The insights, recommendations, and feedback that you provide are enough to make any writer sign up for the mentorship program.



This offer is best for writers with:

This offer is best suited for newer writers. For example, this might be for you if you’re in your first or second year of writing professionally and need:

  • An honest analysis of your strengths and room for improvement so that you know what to focus on going forward
  • Personalized tips to sharpen your skills and earn better projects, repeat business, and referrals  
  • A quality portfolio piece to give you a credibility boost and help you land better clients

Don’t have a working knowledge of content marketing strategy, copywriting, SEO or brand messaging?

That’s okay as long as you’re willing to research and write on related topics, which are the focus of my blog

Lastly, you have to be willing to make the most of this experience. That means being:

  • Willing to ask questions
  • Open to constructive feedback
  • Responsive and available to apply feedback during your 2-week training

Do you fit this description? Consider pitching a topic for the blog!


Pitch an interesting content, copywriting or branding-related topic to apply for mentorship.


If you're chosen, research and write your guest post based on the topic and angle you pitched.


Work with me to edit the post and, in the process, improve your writing and client comms skills.


Besides the usual byline and exposure, unlock more confidence and land better projects.


Here are some important things worth keeping in mind. 


  • CHOOSE A RELEVANT TOPIC. Something related to content and SEO writing, copywriting or brand messaging. For example, you could do a how-to post, discuss misconceptions, explain the benefits of pitfalls of certain strategies, etc.
  • DESCRIBE YOUR ANGLE. Instead of just giving a topic idea, also share your stance on the topic. In your voice and style. (But no profanity or hot-button topics please.)
  • FORGET THAT YOU’RE PITCHING A FELLOW WRITER. Instead, pitch like you’re presenting a topic idea to a client. Give it your best shot. 

And what if you’re selected for the digital marketing guest post + mentorship duo?


  • USE AP STYLE AND AMERICAN ENGLISH. And deliver your post in a Google Doc with the “Anyone with the link can edit” permission given.
  • WRITE FOR A SERVICE-BASED SMALL BIZ AUDIENCE. At best, they’ve got a working knowledge of content marketing, copywriting, and branding. So they need clear, practical explanations to help them grow their businesses.
  • WRITE 1,000 to 2,000 WORDS. And include a title tag and meta description. Plus, if you opted to write the email and 2-3 posts to promote your content on Twitter and LinkedIn, include those with your guest post draft. 
  • EDIT YOUR POST BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. That way, we can spend less time on simple grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues and more time on really finessing your post.
  • LINK TO YOUR SOURCES. Both to build trust with readers and to make fact-checking faster during the editing process.
  • INCLUDE NECESSARY IMAGES. If an image is needed to clarify an example or instruction in your post, please include it and link to its source. For example, if your post is about how to use an AI copywriting tool, include screenshots of the tool. 
  • INCLUDE BACKLINKS. If you’d like, you can include 1-2 links to the most relevant pages on your website, portfolio or blog.
  • CREATE A BIO. Write a 50-75 word bio about yourself and include a quality headshot.


This won’t cost you a dime. In fact, it’ll help you earn more dimes 😉 And, no, I haven’t gone mad. 

Mentorship is a significant time investment. But it also has a payoff. I get to watch my fellow writers grow and, in turn, that growth creates more opportunities for all of us! Plus, I get a solid piece of content out of the deal.

If you’re not available when your turn rolls around, you won’t lose your slot. You’ll simply move to the end of the waitlist.

You’re eligible for one round of training every six months. Unless there are no writers ahead of you on the waitlist or they’re unavailable when selected.

Guest post topics are limited to content writing, copywriting and branding. So would a guest post be a good portfolio piece if you don’t usually work with clients who need content on those topics?

It could be helpful if you:

  • Don’t have many portfolio pieces and need a way to demonstrate your skills
  • Want to show that you know your stuff by talking knowledgeably about the craft of writing 

Plus, even if you decide not to point potential clients to your guest post: 

  • The main benefit of this program is the training, which can help you get more clients within your niche
  • It’ll still be promoted via my email list and channels, which could also bring you clients within your niche

You can include up to 2 links to your website* in your guest post so that interested people can check you out and learn about your services.

However, your post should mainly be informational and not salesy. Also, no affiliate links are allowed at this time. 

*If at all possible, your link should be to the website where you market your freelance services rather than a bio link site, Google Drive folder, etc. LinkedIn profiles and profiles on freelance platforms are acceptable. 

Pitches are evaluated based on several criteria.

For example, besides the topic and angle pitched, l also look at things such as a writer’s current skill level and mindset. Why?

Two weeks is a relatively short time. And the goal is to make the greatest difference possible for your freelance writing business within that period. To do that, the right foundation is necessary.

You can write it straightaway after you pitch and hang onto it until you make your way to the top of the waitlist.

Or you can write it once you’re notified that you’ve been selected for mentorship. It’s up to you. 

We’ll do our best to wrap up within two weeks to keep things fair for all guest posters.

However, if circumstances prevent us, the best course of action will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

This may mean extending the deadline slightly, revisiting the draft at a later time, etc. 


During your two-week mentorship period, I’ll be available within reason on weekdays (in Pacific Standard Time) to give feedback on your content and answer questions about writing and freelancing.

In most cases, response time is less than 24 hours. You’re free to communicate via email and/or Loom, Vidyard or a similar audio/video recorder.

That said, I can’t speak on taxes or legal matters. (And if there’s anything else I can’t give you a solid answer to, I’ll let you know upfront and/or point you to a helpful resource.)

Due to time, I also can’t do in-depth audits of your website, online presence or content not related to this program. However, if an audit is something you’re interested in, you’re welcome to ask for a custom quote. 

You’ll always be credited as the author of the post. However, ownership of the content will pass over to me.

To keep this content for mentorship exchange fair for both of us, you’ll own your content until I’ve given feedback on your draft. After that, I’ll be able to use and/or modify the content as I see fit.

Have another question? Shoot me an email at!


To be considered for 2 weeks of mentorship, submit your best pitch plus a few other details. 

Remember: The topic you pitch should be related to content or SEO writing, copywriting, or brand messaging. 

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