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Really, there are several things that contribute to a successful, hassle-free project. Yet, I tend to think that communication is the most important. (Without it, other elements such as skill and expertise can be rendered nearly useless.)

This raises a question. What can you expect of me and I expect of you as we embark on a project?

Before a Project:I like to gather as much information as possible about your expectations. Based on that information, I’ll share my game plan and the strategies I think would accomplish your goals. Of course, this plan is not rigid; you’re free to give input so that we can come to an agreement. Once it’s decided that we’ll be moving forward, the communication doesn’t stop.

During a Project:The start of our project will likely involve the survey designed to gather more specific information about your business, products, services, customers, etc. The more thorough your answers, the more information I have to customize your website copy.

As I get to work on the actual writing, you can expect to hear from me regularly with updates on how things are progressing. Of course, I’ll be in touch if there are any hiccups or your approval is needed to move forward with an idea that I think will enhance your website. To prevent unnecessary delays, I would ask that you be responsive, not difficult to reach, and open to sharing your honest opinions.

After the Project:As we wrap things up, I’d ask that you give feedback. I’m not looking for flattery; I’m looking for honesty. I want to know what you loved about working with me and what could’ve been a little better. There’s always room for improvement, and you can help me to add even more value to what I offer!

In a nutshell, I believe that communication should mark every stage of our work together. If you believe the same, we’ve already won half the battle.


Do I guarantee a better ranking in search engine results, increased site traffic, or more sales? If only I could… There are literally hundreds of factors that play into getting those results, many of which you and I have little control over.


do guarantee that I will give you quality, branded copy with the potential to appeal to your target market.

For your website to reach its full potential, though, you may also need to invest in search engine optimization—local SEO, reputation management, paid advertising or other services. If you’re not sure what you might need, let me know. I can offer suggestions and put you in touch with any contacts I have.

At this time, I don’t write product descriptions or modify Privacy Policies, User Agreements, Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions.

Additionally, I may decline projects depending on a site’s subject matter or what a brand promotes or represents. For example, I do not write adult, political, religious, spiritual or gambling-related content.  If I’m unable to assist you for some reason, I will let you know immediately out of respect for your time.

At the moment, I don’t write content directly in a CMS such as WordPress or Wix. Copy is delivered in a Word or Google Docs document. All you have to do, then, is copy and paste it into your site. 

Just ask! I spent several years blogging. Not to mention writing buying guides, professional bios, online articles, and so on.

“I’ve worked with Nia for quite some time…Her talent and skillset surpasses many writers out there and her scope is very broad. She has the ability to write anything from short web copy to bios to in-depth blog posts. She’s a true one stop shop, which allows projects to be done in a quick and timely manner. Thanks Nia for all that you do!”

– Mike R.  

I have an answer for you! Shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to assist.  Alternatively, you can check out the blog


The free website copy eval is not a thinly veiled attempt to drum up more business for myself, I can assure you. When I say there’s no obligation to purchase my services, I mean it.

This is something I’m offering because I hate to see businesses that are passionate about and great at what they do with websites that don’t reflect that. 

The eval is meant to “open your eyes,” so to speak, so that you know exactly how you can improve your website. Then, whenever you’re ready and however you want to go about it, you’ll have a roadmap to success. 

If you haven’t already, request your free eval today! 

  1. After you’ve told me a bit about your business and what you need, I’ll send a proposal for your project.
  2. If you accept the proposal, I’ll send you the branding survey. Your thorough answers will give me greater insight into your business and help me to approach your website copy from the right angle.
  3. Once you’ve completed the survey, I’ll send over our contract for you to review and sign.
  4. Once our contract is active, work can begin and will be completed in the form of milestones.

Invoices are sent out each Friday for any milestones completed during that week. Approved work must be paid for within 14 days to avoid project holds and late fees, as well as for the right to use the work. Work requiring revisions will appear on the invoice corresponding to the week it was approved.


All of your website copy will be written by me personally*.

However, I do outsource keyword research to a professional KW researcher. I want to be sure that you don’t miss out on any potentially lucrative keyword opportunities.

* In the case of an unforeseen or emergency circumstance (and to prevent project delays), I may discuss outsourcing writing to a writer that I trust. Of course, you can decline. Nothing will be outsourced without your permission. 


​I offer 2 minor revisions per page in line with the original scope of work.

Additional revisions or those requested after the approval of work may incur a fee. The same is true of revisions involving a change of scope.


My goal is to get it right the first time without the need for any major revisions.

On the off chance that I can’t accomplish that, I’d ask that you give me an opportunity to knock it out of the park with a clarified understanding of what you’re looking for.

It’d be an absolute shame to fail a second time (and very unlikely too) but, of course,  you won’t pay a penny for the task in question*.

*Please note that accepted/approved work is non-refundable.

You can read the Privacy Policy here and the Terms of Use here. Both are reviewed and updated periodically so check back from time to time!

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