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The Philosophy

If you’re like me, you hate the term “guru”.

And rather than seeking advice only from industry leaders, you recognize that there’s value in learning from people who are just a few steps ahead of you. People who, just a short time ago, were where you are right now. 

Or, in this case, fellow freelancers who are still trekking toward their big-picture goals BUT who’ve:

  • Overcome many of the challenges new and inexperienced freelancers face 
  • Learned a lot of the important lessons the hard way
  • Got those lessons fresh in mind
  • Made it their mission to share knowledge as they gain it to spare you some trouble

If you’re ready to put your current freelancing struggles behind you, you’ve come to the right place. Here, it’s all about growing together. 



Freelance Writing Mentorship Program Offer

Freelance Writing Mentorship Program

Get clarity on what you do well and what you could do better to level up your writing skills and your freelance business. Apply for 2 weeks of free 1-on-1 training with me!

Set & Raise Your Rates With Ease Image - Nia Gyant Content Writing

Set & Raise Your Rates With Ease

Learn a simple way to set the right rate for you. Plus, when and how to raise your rates with new and existing clients. Get 4 tactics and scripts to help you raise your rates with confidence!

Make Upwork Work For You Image - Nia Gyant Content Writing

Make Upwork Work For You (Starter Guide)

Using Upwork to jumpstart or support your freelancing? You don’t have to “race to the bottom” or spend tons of $ on connects with only the hope of getting new projects. Learn to actually get hired! 

The Ultimate Upwork Guide

Learn all you need to know to get hired on Upwork! Besides my best tips, get access to FAQs, examples, and my proven proposal formula. Plus, get personalized feedback on your proposals. 



I read your guide and I'm really impressed. I think it's a skill to have a casual/friendly tone and still provide useful information. I really appreciate how you structured the manual, and felt that it was easy to read through. I also think the content is really rich in useful advice!
on Make Upwork Work For You
The way you analyzed my mistakes into bullet points will really help me to rectify them. Thank you sooooo much for helping me. Even though I don't know you personally, you're one of the most humble and selfless person [sic] I've met on the internet.
on Upwork Proposal Review

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

The two best ways to stay in the loop are:

  1. By following me on Gumroad for exclusive deals and content
  2. By following me on Twitter, where I’m sharing helpful insights several times a week at no cost

Have an idea for a guide or other resource that would help you and other freelancers? 

Let me know about it via the contact form below and, if I or someone in my network can provide simple but solid advice on the subject, I’ll put it on the to-do list!

Absolutely! Let me know via the contact form if you’d like to:

  • Contribute to an existing or upcoming resource
  • Promote the resources you’ve used with great results (in exchange for a juicy cut of any sales you help make)

Freelancing since: 2015

Backstory: The first 4-ish years were a bust. Despite some small accomplishments, I was making next to no money and unsure of how to raise my rates, get good clients, etc. 

Since about my 5th year or so, things have been steadily improving in all aspects of my business. For example, I’ve raised my: 

  • Rates from $25/hr to $75+
  • Percentage of repeat clients to above 50%

This is in addition to revamping and building my brand, as well as placing more focus on social media marketing for audience building and lead generation. The results?

My Twitter account started growing by ~100 followers per month right out of the gate with great engagement rates! It’s produced leads, earned me referral partners, opened up opportunities for collabs, and enabled me to connect with some amazing folks!

Freelancing Platforms: Having tried most of the major freelance platforms out there, the one that’s served me best is Upwork. Here’s a breakdown on my Upwork experience. 

  • Status: Rising Talent (2015) to Top Rated to Top Rated Plus (2020)
  • Job Success Score: 100% (never below 97%)
  • Client Recommendation Rate: 95%
  • Repeat Clients: 54%
  • Invites (From Clients) Per Month: 20 to 30
  • Earned: $40k+ (mostly over a period of two years)


Planned Topics

Wants a sneak peek at some of the topics that’ll be covered in the near future? Here it is!

The goal for all planned resources is to provide clear advice and explanations of the logic behind it. That way, you can put the info to good use and get into the mindset that’s necessary to get to the next level in your freelancing career. 


To choose a niche or not to choose a niche? That is the question. Also, what do's and don't do you need to be aware of when narrowing your focus. Learn from my personal EPIC FAIL.


LinkedIn can enhance your professional image and attract potential clients...if your profile is good. Based on my experience revamping my profile and those of clients, I'll share how to create solid LI profile.


Despite the many horror stories out there, many new freelancers get caught up with outright bad clients and subtly bad clients. We'll cover the red flags of both so that you can steer clear.


Especially if you're new to writing or freelancing, tools can give you a boost of confidence and help hone your skills. But, with so many options, what tools do you choose? I'll share a full list of recommended tools.


Have a question or a suggestion for an upcoming resource? Interested in collaborating with me to help other freelancers?  Either way, get in touch below!

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